Carlton Real Estate is in partnership with Just Mortgages.

Just Mortgages is an independent financial consultant, not related to any particular bank or financial institution. Our focus is on activities of mortgages and property transaction consultation. We suggest the most suitable mortgage offer to clients after meticulously understanding the profile of our customer.

We proudly boast of in-depth knowledge and years of experience in area of mortgages in UAE. We are on the panels of an array of banks, to provide you with various options.

Why select Just Mortgages over your bank?

  • At Just Mortgages, qualified consultants have been in the UAE mortgage industry for nearly 20 years. We have extensive knowledge about the mortgage market and real estate transactions.

  • No matter what complication is involved in the deal, we work out all possible options.

  • Just Mortgages understand your requirements and then offer you the overview of various offers available in the market.

  • Just Mortgages will negotiate the best possible terms with the chosen bank where your case can go through smoothly.

  • Just Mortgages will be constantly involved in each step of the process till the property is transferred at DLD.

Steps of Process

  1. First Consultation & Assessment of borrowing capacity

  2. Recommendation of suitable mortgage options

  3. Completion of Bank application & Supporting documents.

  4. Bank issues Pre-approval.

  5. Sign MOU for property purchase

  6. Arrange medical test for life insurance.

  7. Property Valuation.

  8. Bank issues Final Offer Letter.

  9. Bank pays seller’s mortgage (if applicable)

  10. NOC from the developer.

  11. Property Transfer at DLD.

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